The latest editions of the Eaglemoss figurine collections are now available, and what a treat they are.


The Walking Dead figures are as dainty as they are detailed, with Glenn showing up presented in his prison riot gear from S4. Detailed and incredibly well painted, this follows the trend of sculpt which manages to capture the character in the stance, as well as actor Steven Yeun’s earnest expression that makes him such a fan favourite.


Hot on the heels of Glenn is Daryl’s erstwhile brother, the flipfloppy Merle, played by popular character actor Michael Rooker. Hunched and feral, he’s represented with his makeshift utility arm/weapon, also from his Woodborough days, and is a great addition to the collection.

Over in the MCU, their Movie Hero Collection continues with Chris Evan’s Captain America, a brightly coloured and dignified figure in his Avengers Assemble version of the ever changing suit.  Resplendent with his vibranium shield, the figure is maskless, like the Iron Man one, showing the actor’s face in deep relief.


Next is Chris Helmsworth’s Thor, in somewhat of an action pose, yielding his mighty hammer with cloak a-flowing. It’s interesting to see the difference in bulk between these two superheroes and how their statures are different.


Finally we have the much more elegant Black Widow, in a pose more suited to the comics than the movies, again in her Avengers Assemble guise; she strikes a beautiful and imposing figure next to all that testosterone.


The Marvel figures are taller than the Walking Dead one, and reflect the superhero vibe in vibrant primary colours, with the latter being a lot more sedate, which suits the tones of each franchise perfectly. The MCU figures stand out as a display, especially under lighting, but The Walking Dead set is exquisitely details and elicits inspection.


I’m loving both of these ranges.

You can get these ranges and others by clicking this LINK