Chesterton – Part Two

by Jack Bowman PROLOGUE: What Was Once Lost…   “Can you come through ‘ere, please?”   Dateline: 12th November, 1944.   Edith tried to not give away the screaming pain inside her.   Kettle. Put the kettle on.   She steeled herself, as her son walked in, playing with his dad’s camera. She signed. He’d […]

Chesterton – Part One

by Jack Bowman PROLOGUE: A Place Called…   Dateline: An Unknowable Time and Place.   The console exploded again.   “Calculation: Complete: Destruction: Probable”.   The cold methodical voice toned a heavy level of cool doom, as klaxons frenetically rang out at a deafening volume. The onboard AI, warning there was no hope, droned on […]

The Claws of Doom

  By Steven Harisa   The marvellous thing about a singalong is that you forget your troubles for a moment or two. Blitz spirit, wartime bunkers, right the way through to karaoke after a messy breakup. It was a distraction. A welcome one. Melissa sank back in to her seat, flicking the pages of the […]

Love Grows Swift

By Eddie McGuigan   Tarandra Swiphonderlatrit stared out of the observation lounge window with big, wide, sad blue eyes and a slight purse on her lips and observed the starscape it held with a wondrous gaze. She knew every star, every constellation, every moon in the sky, and had imagined them even when they were […]

Past Perfect

by David Gibbons Prologue: Ticket to Ride As the TARDIS spun through the swirling vortex of space-time, an unapologetic scream of joy burst from within its walls, echoing proudly across the universe until the end of days.           “Ha! I’ve found you at last! I’ve been searching for you for centuries, you old beauty. Come […]

Sideways Who: Swarm

by Simon Leaton The great war, where men were led to slaughter and the many were immortalized as forever young as mud sweat and fear splattered their dead broken bodies. The night sky was thick with cloud and the rain turned the land to mud as explosion after explosion ripped the earth apart. Men could […]

Sideways Who: Cold Comfort

By Daniel Stafford   The drum beat had filled the air for the last two work cycles, but showed no sign of stopping soon. The group standing around the drummer wore not just the same uniforms, but the same expression –complete self-belief. Every so often they would shout out the phrase proclaimed on the poster […]